Urban optic connectivity



MAN is a fiber optic network for data transfer using Ethernet protocol.
The network consists of two main parts - a backbone network and a client interface. The backbone network is a set of access points with installed commutators interconnected with high speed connections. The client interface is an optic cable connecting the client to the closest access point of the MAN network.
The connection between the client and the Cooolbox network is performed via a configured virtual local connection in the backbone network (VLAN). Service accessibility is 99.995%.

The service is intended for operators who insist on high speed and secure connection with a guaranteed quality.

Dark Fiber

Dark fiber is a passive fiber optic transmission between two points without the presence of active equipment. The client obtains a direct optic fiber from the operator's optic infrastructure and connects it to their own equipment.

The use of their own equipment at both ends of the dark fiber enables the clients to define the equipment capacity, the traffic between the two points, the interface type, etc.

The service is intended for operators who have a remote office or operators who want to relocate remote equipment.
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