Service parameters

Installation fee in the event of 18-month contract BGN 0.00
Installation fee in the event of 12-month contract BGN 99.00
Monthly fee BGN 69.00
Ethernet interface 1 Gbps
Bulgarian and international internet download speed
Мaximum achievable speed 950 mbps
Normally available speed 760 mbps
Minimum speed 190 mbps
Bulgarian and international internet speed upload
Мaximum achievable speed 950 mbps
Normally available speed 760 mbps
Minimum speed 190 mbps
Provided public IP addresses 1 DHCP fixed IP address
Technical support 24/7 Yes

IP telephony

1 SIP number with 500 minutes BGN 9.90/month
5 SIP numbers with 3000 minutes BGN 59.00/month
Call billing 0/30/1
Credit limit for calls BGN 100.00
Prices for calls to Cooolbox’s fixed network BGN 0.00
Prices for calls to other fixed networks BGN 0.015
Prices for calls to all mobile network operators in Bulgaria BGN 0.080
Prices for calls to fixed and mobile networks in Zone 1 BGN 0.067

See current call prices for different destinations ›››

Additional services

Static IP addresses
Network /29 – 8 static IP addresses BGN 49.00/month
Network /28 – 16 static IP addresses BGN 59.00/month
Network /27 – 32 static IP addresses BGN 69.00/month
Network /26 – 64 static IP addresses BGN 79.00/month
Network /25 – 128 static IP addresses BGN 89.00/month
Network /24 – 256 static IP addresses (network class С) BGN 99.00/month
Additional SIP number BGN 0.90/month
Personal 0700 number
Standard number One time fee of BGN 0.00 and BGN 29/month
Number with the right to choose One time fee of BGN 150.00 and BGN 29/month
Golden number One time fee of BGN 360.00 and BGN 29/month
Telephone numbers portability
Up to 10 transferred telephone numbers BGN 0.00
For every transferred telephone number after the 10th one, one time fee shall be due. BGN 18.00
Moving to a new address BGN 99.00
Visit for a document signing BGN 12.50

*All prices are in BGN and do not include VAT.

Request a service

You can request to be connected to Cooolbox in one of the following ways:

›› Phone number: +359 0800 45 845;

›› By filling the form for checking the address coverage.

After the form is filled in we will check whether there is a technical possibility to connect the provided address and we will contact you.

Check coverage ›››