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    Free, Active, Connected

    with Giga fast Internet for your home and office


    More opportunities

    There is no limit on traffic volume. Stable fibre-optic connection all the time – no lagging or buffering.

    No fixed-term agreements

    All of our household services are provided under an open-ended agreement, free of installation charge. Everyone can terminate their agreement, without penalties, effective from the moment of return of the provided equipment or with a one-month notice.

    No hidden fees

    Only pay for what you have requested. No installation charges and tricky conditions.




    High speed

    Instant uploading and downloading of files, images and videos. Streaming of video content with an HD resolution with no delays or buffering. Faster real-time communication and collaboration with friends, colleagues and partners around the world.

    Unlimited entertainment

    All sorts of interactive entertainment options are available – real-time gaming, over-the-top services, TV with timeshift functions, virtual reality...

    More opportunities

    Simultaneous Internet connection for everybody at home and at the office. Instant access to video tutorials and online courses. Possibility for turning homes into “smart homes” and managing everything in them remotely.




    100% fibre-optic connection

    Cooolbox’s entirely fibre-optic network guarantees a secure and reliable Internet connection, no weather interruptions. It is built based on the Active Optical Network (AON) technology where each service is provided on a separate optic fibre from the technical centre to the home or the office. This fibre is not shared with other users and allows symmetrical speeds and quick diagnostics by our 24/7 technical support.

    24/7 customer service

    Expert technical support over the phone or by email, available around the clock, any time of the year. On-site support at your location within 24 hours after sending an alert. A responsible and attentive customer service team.

    Innovative client portal

    Effortless service management, anytime and anywhere. Automatic payment. Add or cancel extra package offers. Unlock a suspended service for 24 hours.