A different kind of Internet

High speed

1 Gbps – high-speed internet for more opportunities

The symmetric speeds of up to 1 Gbps give the opportunity to download games and high resolution movies in а matter of seconds, immediate access to internet applications, work with large files in the cloud, streaming of 4K videos and real time gaming without lag or interruption, simultaneously by everyone at home or at the office.

100% fiber optic network

100% fiber optic network – the fastest and the most reliable way of internet access

Cooolbox’s fiber optic network guarantees a secure and reliable internet connection which is not influenced by the weather conditions. It is built based on the Active Optical Network (AON) technology where each service is provided on a separate optic fibre from the technical centre to the home or the office. This fibre is not shared with other users and allows symmetrical speeds and quick diagnostics by our 24/7 technical support.


No annual contracts, no installation fee

We provide all of our services for the home without an installation fee, with no annual contract, without hidden terms and conditions. Everyone can terminate their contract, without penalties, effective from the moment of return of the provided equipment or with a one-month notice.